The CIRCLE prides herself in contributing to theological discourses through research and writing. CIRCLE research and publications have their niche in emanating from the lived experiences of women in the church and society.

The research further focuses on critiquing how religion, culture and patriarchy have and continue to affect women, while exploring strategies of navigating the aforementioned aspects towards enhancing a life-affirming theology that leads to inclusive praxis.

In keeping with her objective of continuous research on religion and culture in relation to realities that affect and concern African women like gender based violence, health, care for the environment, peace, politics, among others; the CIRCLE already has a vast collection of publications.

These publications have been instrumental in shaping conversations on calling the church to account in actualizing ministry and leadership that is inclusive of women and that addresses everyday realities of life.

To continue fanning the flame in researching and publishing, younger CIRCLE members have been mandated to review the writings of CIRCLE matriarchs since 1989, when the CIRCLE was incepted, to date.